Modern Trend, Electronic Business Cards (How to Generate QR business card From Your Phone-Book)


Trending now is the adoption of QR business cards on physical business cards, this is known to add a futuristic touch to your personal business cards, The use of QR can help absorb cluttering data from the business card, hence making it neater and much more pleasant to the eyes, Sensitive details that can easily be mis-typed; like urls; emails and phone numbers can be embedded in the QR.

Aside of embedding of QRs on business card, they can also be printed on several other merchandises like T-shirts, mugs or even billboards for advert purposes.

Many smartphones and some future phones come pre-installed with QR/Bar-code scanners, and those that aren’t shipped preinstalled with scanners can easily be made to support scanning of QRs by installing an appropriate scanner app (which are available for all  smartphones).

Having said all these, how then are the QRs generated?

QRs can be generated from a variety of means, most of which are online, where users browse to, enter details and generate QR (Google QR generate), the problem is most of the details you type in are already stored on your mobile phone or PDA making the QR generation’s data entry process a repetitive and boring one. With abundance of QR scanners on smartphones, it is easy to notice the absence or shortage of generators on these platforms.

*sighs* But Yeah, There are some very good generators out there for mobile phones, one of which is “Contact Share App” on Android.


This very application makes it very convenient to generate QRs for several contacts/people/personnel especially when you have them all already stored on your phone, just click and generate, bringing up the option for selection of the encode format (yeah yeah, in the electronic card industry there are standards to ensure universal support among scanners). Two of the most popular format is MECARD and VCARD. usage of either of these formats will ensure wide support from scanners.

The app customizes each generated contact QR with the contacts name for ease of identification.

The app ensures full cloning of your details (especially when the VCARd format is used) allowing users to embed within the QR the contact’s

  • Phone number(s)
  • Email (s)
  • Address(es)
  • Organization detail(s)
  • Website(s)
  • Social Network(SN)
  • Nickname(s)
  • and Notes.

All these can be embedded in the image.

To generate a QR for a contact in your address book, download the application here

  • Start up the application, to bring out the home screen (image below)
  • Click on share contact

  • In the contacts tab
  • scroll to or search for desired contact
  • select desired Contact

  • Clicking on the contact changes the viewpage to the operation page with outlines of the contact details clearly written out
  • Select create Card/QR

  • Select QR image

  • Select your desired format, MECARD (very popular in Japan) or VCard, the most popular format

(NB: The more detail the contact has stored in its profile, the more complex the QR gets, and the harder it is to read for scanners 🙂 )

After generating your QR, it can then be added unto your business  card or distributed on it’s own. MECARD and VCARD can be read by all scanners.
You can now customize your business card with the newly generated QR;

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