Have you ever wished you could just use your Pc internet connection on your phone or tried to tether using your pc to your Android device, Am happy to tell you that this is now possible using a process called REVERSE TETHERING , Unlike the normal tethering you do with your android device which allows you share your mobile internet connection with your Pc this reverses the process .

Ok lets stop all this grammar and get to the good stuff, The link to the software

  1. Once downloaded unzip with a zip extractor 
  2. once double clicked the interface should look like this 
  3. Now you connect your android device you need know that at this point you should already have your device drivers installed likewise your device must be rooted and in debugger mode, If all goes well u should see your device ID under the select a device tab, once that is done connect to your internet ISP  on your Pc then Click CONNECT



Have u ever wondered if u could just access the files on your flash drive, connect a bigger keyboard because the on –screen keyboard is too small or just prefer the freewill u enjoy using your system mouse. All of this can be done now on your android phone via a means called USB OTG (USB On-The-Go) in this mode your android devices micro usb port becomes a high voltage usb 2.0 port were u could connect any compatible usb device.(i.e mouse,keyboard,flash drives,xbox/ps3 game pad, usb hubs e.t.c)

Enough of the introduction let’s get to making of the cable already


  1. A normal micro usb cable.
  2. A female usb to male usb cable( well its only the female u need anyway)
  3. A soldering iron
  4. Copper-wire
  5. Blade or Cutter
  6. A pair of tweezers


Cut open the usb cable at the micro connector end to expose the wires with a cutter or blade.


The major cable we need to expose is the black cable connector, Once exposed we test if your phone can access the OTG mode but connecting the black connector to ground (ground/earth is just any metal part on the cable shell) with a pair of tweezers.


Once u get a notification saying “usb connector connected” on your android device that means you are on the right track. Now is the time to test your soldering skills (WARNING!!!!! IF U HAVE NEVER ATTEMPTED TO SOLDER BEFORE PPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE ASK FOR ASSISTANCE OR SEEK EXPERTS THAT CAN HELP YOU SOLDER IT)


Now that you have soldered the black connector to ground re-test it to be sure it is properly soldered 


All u need do at this point is to cut your micro-usb cable at the base of it where u have the usb male


Connect the usb female to it color to color that is red-red, green-green,black-black,white-white


Tape it up with anyhow you like it and ENJOY

Examples of different usb connections