The new Nexus 7: A second shot at a good idea?

google-nexus-7-logoAs if the war for what device dominates the 7 inch mini tab form factor was not cruel enough, technology giants Google decided to play another entry with their new Nexus 7, which became available since yesterday, July 30th.

The new Nexus 7 features a raft of improvements over last years Nexus 7; even though they practically look almost the same. First to mention would be that unlike the former Nexus 7, this one comes with the latest update of the Android OS (Jelly Bean 4.3) which of a truth is not that big of a difference really except that you can now have separate customizable spaces, including personal homescreens, wallpapers, apps and storage; which is an appealing idea. So, those whose tablets usually get in the hands of others do not have much to worry about anymore when it comes to people tampering with stuff.  It features a 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processor with an Adreno 300 400Mhz, which in simpler terms means the tablet should run pretty fast. there is also 2GB of RAM, a 5MP rear facing camera, 1.2MP front facing camera, Bluetooth 4.0LE, Wireless charging and a new HDMI slim port. With all of that for just about $30 extra, it is sure that comparing sister Nexus devices would lead to some level of unfairness.


Even though the 7 inch screens of both devices are typically same, the new Nexus 7 runs at 323 PPI which is ridiculously sharper than the previous one at 216PPI. This display is one key feature that holds the retina-less iPad mini to question (well, of course until apple decides to release an iPad mini with retina display).  Watching movies on the new Nexus 7 is quite commendable honestly; and your Android OS has never looked crispier on any other tablet. The speaker sound on the new Nexus 7 is also improved, and thanks to its thinner design, it even weighs lighter than the previous. With up to 9 hours of HD video playback and 10 hours of web browsing or e-reading, there’s plenty of juice to get you through the day. And very much unlike the iPad, The new Nexus’ slim and lightweight design makes playing games much less strenuous to the wrists.

A truth remains that the new Google Nexus 7 champions the small tablet market for the meantime. A downside to the device would be that there is no SD card slot but its cheaper price range and crispy sharp HD display would give anyone with an iPad mini a run for his money. Google’s second shot at the Nexus 7 isn’t very groundbreaking in terms of innovation but the price is very inviting to tablet newbies. If you owned the previous Nexus 7, then this is certainly a worthwhile upgrade.

NEXUS 10 and The Nigerian Tech Market

Nexus 10
Following the success of the very Cheap but powerful Nexus 7, Google released the successor of its legendary device. It was released fairly mid-way in November, 2012. The device is the successor to the commercially successful nexus 7. There was a change in developer/manufacturer partnership as the Nexus 10 was developed by Google and Samsung, you can’t help but wonder why Asus did not reprise their role as manufacturer even with the archived commercial success.
Will Nexus 10 be commercially successful in Nigeria?

Processor and GPU (10/10)

Featuring <Must be linked to wiki< Samsung Exynos 5250 system on chip>> a dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 processor clocked at 1.7 GHz, means the NEXUS clearly leaves up to its expectations in processing power.

A quad-core ARM Mali T604 GPU means games and videos are rendered smoothly on its incredibly large WQXGA resolution.

Memory and Storage (8/10)

The Nexus 10 has a 16G and 32G internal storage capacity, no sd card slot for extending memory. It also comes equipped with 2G RAM, although it is unlikely you’ll run a single app that’ll consume 60% of the RAM in an instance, you will definitely notice the amount of apps that are kept alive even after focus is lost for a long time. Nexus 10 is FAST!


Features a crisp 10.1-inch LCD with capacitive multi-touch touchscreen, with 2560×1600 display resolution, highest by any tablet in 2012>>(linked to WIKI) and as expected of every Samsung manufactured device, it features a scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 2<<Read about Gorrilla Glass 3 here>>  (Nexus 7 corning fit, 10 corning Gorilla)

CAMERA (7/10)

Nexus 10 Camera

Features two cameras, A sharp 5MP rear camera, for those people who don’t feel shy to cover events with a tablet (I for one, I’m not a fan of that, recording with a tab looks very awkward in every perspective K). The rear camera is capable of recording full 1080P videos at 30FPS. The inbuilt camera app also supports the usual features such as autofocus, face detection and geotagging etc and a ~2MP front facing camera, for video caling and skype.


Features a Bluetooth 4.0 and WIFI for data exchange and internet connectivity, It also features a dual side NFC for use in Android beam. Like the initial models of its predecessor, it also lacks cellular connectivityL.

Design (Score 9/10)

Nexus 10 Design

The Nexus 10 is 8.9 mm in girth, 263.9 mm long, 177.6 mm wide, it weighs 603 g. The rear of the device comprises a smooth, plastic surface a very conspicuous “nexus” tag, and a less conspicuous “Samsung” tag. The volume control buttons and the power button are at the top of the device and a 3.5mm headphone jack, microUSB port on the devices left hand side. On the right lies the microHDMI port while the magnetic pogo pin used for docking and charging are at the bottom of the device.

OTHERS (10/10)

Nexus 10 comes equipped with the usual gravitation, motion and orientation sensing devices; an accelerometer, gyroscope; barometer, magnetometer and a digital compass; a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor are also present. Like its predecessor, it also features an in built microphone. It’s equipped with a GPS and GLONASS, yeah, it has supports both so you can never get lost since both already cover the globe; you are doubly insuredJ.

SOFTWARE (10/10)


The device comes equipped with stock Android 4.2 JellyBean. Like the Nexus line, its boot loader is unlocked by defaultJ. It also comes with preinstalled with all Google apps.

As expected of every successor, the Nexus 10 is more powerful than its predecessor, but the nexus devices have clearly been out sold by galaxy line of Android devices in Nigeria, even with their cheaper price.

Overall: ~8.75 / 10

Overall the Nexus 10 is a very good device and follows well in the tradition of its predecessor, providing easy OS customization at cheaper than believable price.

Why this Device Can Be Successful in Nigeria

  • Relatively cheap: although much more expensive than its predecessor, the Nexus 10 is relatively cheaper than devices of its class(16 GB: US$399 and 32 GB: US$499)
  • Powerful hardware

Why this device can’t be successful in Nigeria

  • Nexus device advert and promotion is very poor in Nigeria, Samsung, Nokia and Sony go considerable length to create awareness about their devices in Nigeria. (Being a fan of Google, I’ve never seen a Nexus bill-board on a popular expressway L)
  • Not as nearly as cheap as Nexus 7, yet lacking Cellular support
  • Given the lack of cellular network, the device lacks carrier promotion, reason why you don’t get text messages from carrier about discounted rate.

Tecno T1 Tech Review and Specifications

Tecno T1 : Tech – Specifications

T1 is the first smartphone from the Chinese based Mobile Phone manufacturer, Tecno. It sports the popular Android Operating System (O.S), giving you access to hundreds of thousands of applications. This device comes with the Ginger-Bread version of the O.S, which is considered by most to be the most successful and supported Android version till date. 

The OS comes with the default Gallery 3d picture viewer and stock android apps…

Tecno T1
Tecno T1

Package: 8/10

The package is the most attractive feature of the phone, it is filed with lots of accessories and souvenirs, The box contains 2 battery packs, a back pouch and a Tecno branded very beautiful bag. It also comes with a 3.5mm jack headphones, although with a very poor sound quality (“I know, I know it’s unusual of Tecno, we’ll get into its Technical specifications soon”).

Form and Design:  4/10

A sleek looking Candy bar phone, with a quality looking finish (“Best from Tecno, so far”). Although slightly bulkier than some of its contemporaries, it weight is far lighter than you can imagine by mere looking at it (“Almost dropped it, due to overestimating its weight”). Like its contemporaries, it has no physical button except the side volume levelers and camera button, and “Yeah” it does have the most used button of all smartphones, the top silver button located to the right at the top of the device.


With all the above mentioned details, the hardware specification is where the T1 falters, well, it is understandable as it is an entry level phone with a price well suited for the mass market, it’s no surprise its hardware is lower than its contemporaries.
It comes with a 650 mhz ARM processor which is low for a 2012 device but quite descent for an average user but not okay for a gamer especially those that wear Gameloft tagged shirts 😉 , although 80% of all the average user application will run well but HD games, especially processor intensive ones will lag, BADLY!!! . The system’s memory is 256MB with only 200.75mb available for user applications which for its price range is understandable but not sufficient enough as applications may not hover for so long in the background while not in focus as long as newer ones are being opened (you know the lower your RAM the more violent your memory manager is).
It also includes an internal storage capacity of 170.12mb for applications, which is a little low for the rising size of applications on the market, it greatly limits the total number of applications you can have installed on the device, but I have seen phones from more popular brands with internal storage capacity lesser that T1’s while being more expensive.
On the bright side, the phone is built with a Bluetooth 3.0 support, WIFI, GPS, Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, light sensor etc (full details below).

SOUND:               8/10

As expected, Tecno puts puts in so much effort into the sound production of their phones, the speakers are LOUD. The sound comes through a slit in the top left corner at the back of the device. Its inbuilt earpiece is unmatched, as calls are incredibly LOUD. Although the bundled hands-free is a let-down, poorest from Tecno so far. But all in all, call quality is superb as is the loud speaker’s quality.

Display and Camera:      5/10

320*480 (HVGA) resolution on a 3.5inch screen, display isn’t that bad although isn’t too poor either, 2 years ago this would have been a stunner but given the existence of the likes of #you-know-them it looks just ok. The touch is sensitive, very sensitive with multi-touch capability but, can be buggy at-times. Don’t know if it’s just a specific manufacturing mistake peculiar to the one I’m reviewing or all, it can get very buggy at times and cause actions that were not triggered. Like images pinching and un-pinching itself. The real cause of this, I am not so sure of yet, but all in all, screen is impressive for a phone of its class.
It features a 3MP camera with a bright flash support, camera quality is ok but way too average, judging by the quality of its 2012 contemporaries. For its price it’s OK ;), also shoots video with a maximum duration cap of 60 minutes.

Money Value: 5/10

Spotting Android 2.3.5, it comes preloaded with all the usual stock applications and widgets, Gallery 3d etc. Comes with a 4 screen/panel launcher. Its notification bar features a 3 panels of quick access widgets; Brightness, Screen-Timeout, Auto-Rotation,WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, Data Connection and the sound profiles(General, Silent, Meeting and Outdoor) and also spots 4 touch dock buttons and hardware FM radio support meaning you get more savings on your data as opposed to relying on on-line radio.
Lacks screenshot feature support from the power button and also lacks a system restart shortcut, although the features can be gotten from third party applications.
One of the strengths of T1 is the 2 simultaneous sims support but the lack of 3G/UMTS/HSDPA support is a real letdown.
th{ background-color:gray; } Network: Primary: 3MPX Secondary: VGA (640×480) Features: 5 E.V modes, 2 Scene Modes (Night, Auto), 3 Quality Modes (Super Fine , Fine, Norma), Colour Effects(Mono, Sepia, Negative, Sepia Blue, Sepia Green, 3EVs) Geotagging and upto 8x Digital Zoom. Video: Yes Rigntone:


Network: GSM
Dimensions 109.9 x 60.6 x 13.4 mm
Style: Candy Bar
Battery: Li-Ion 1400 mAH (3.7V, 5.18Wh)
Released: 2012
Internal: yes, 170.12MB (user accessible)
Externel: yes, T-Flash (SDCARD: 8GB included)
RAM: 256MB ( 200.75MB available for user apps)
Resolution: HVGA (480×320 pixels), 3.5” LCD
Primary: 3MPX
Secondary: VGA (640×480)
Features: :5 EV modes, 2 Scene Modes (Night, Auto), 3 Quality Modes (Super Fine , Fine, Norma), Colour Effects(Mono, Sepia, Negative, Sepia Blue, Sepia Green, 3EVs) Geotagging and upto 8x Digital Zoom.
Video: Yes
MP3 and Polyphonic
Vibration: Yes
Loudspeaker: Yes
Handsfree: Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack
EDGE: Unconfirmed
USB: YES. microUSB v2.0
OS: Android: 2.3.5 (Baseband: v1.03 Kernel
CPU: 650 MHz (Yusu Tecno T1)
MESSAGING: SMS ( threaded view ), MMS, E-mail, IM
Sensors: Accelerometer, Gravity Sensor, Light Sensor, Linear Acceleration, Magnetic Field Sensor, Orientation Sensor, Proximity Sensor and Rotation Vector Sensor.
GPS: Yes
FM Radio: Yes
Livewallpaper: Yes
Led Indicator: Yes
Automatic Brightness: Yes

Price: 18,000 NAIRA